My family and I have employed Tamara’s services for countless real estate purchases and sales over the past 15 years, and could not dream of choosing another realtor over her. 

Tamara eats, sleeps and breaths real estate, and it doesn’t take long for that to show as she boats an impressive amount of knowledge and facts of the Okanagan area to answer any real estate-related question that you could possibly dream up. 

When dealing with her, one often wonders when the hell Tamara finds time to sleep because she’ll be emailing and making phone calls on your behalf for what seems like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Going above and beyond, being willing to do whatever she possibly can to make a deal work, and making herself available to offer advice at any given time are just a few of the reasons I consider Tamara to be not only the best realtor I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, but also someone I consider a friend. Looking forward to our next deal!

Dave Yascishyn

One of the biggest purchases that any of us will ever make is the purchase of our home! It is indeed a comfort and a pleasure during this often stressful time to have someone as competent, committed and caring as Tamara walk side by side with you through the process! Tamara is worthy of at least 6 stars out of 5, but 5 is the max and she certainly deserves and earns each and every one of them!

– Terry Ostashek

As long as Tamara continues as a real estate professional, we will NEVER approach anyone else to help us buy or sell a home. She is kind and genuine and diplomatic, and she listens – really listens. She assisted us with our last two real estate transactions, with the most recent one being a little tricky, and she was flexible and made some brilliant suggestions. After trying to sell her condo for almost a year, my mother-in-law finally took our advice and turned to Tamara, and her condo sold within a couple of weeks. My MIL had been frustrated and fed up with the process, and Tamara was able to make her feel that she was a valued client, and gave her the information she needed to make sound decisions regarding this transaction.

– Beth Cavers

Hard working, informed and very professional. Her experience allows her to figure out creative ways to get any house sold. She is very cool under the pressures of complicated real estate deals and works tirelessly until the whole process is complete. I’ll recommended her to anyone. I give her 6 out of 5 stars! – Sheri Sweet

Tamara as helped almost everyone in our Family purchase a home smoothly and with as little stress as possible. She is professional, knowledgeable,and more than willing to give the extra effort it takes to make the Purchase or Sale.

Highly recommend!

– Debby Savard

Tamara is THE most genuine person I know!! She will always have YOUR best interest in mind!!

Word to describe Tamara:

T – trustworthy

A – authentic

M – magical negotiator

A – always loyal

R – ridiculously fair

A – AMAZING Realtor

I have NEVER heard a negative word personally or professionally in 20 years of Tamara being my Realtor, boss, co-worker and greatest friend!!!

She just helped us buy our dream house and the deal was flawless and her ability to creatively negotiate helped get us the price we WANTED to pay:)

TRUST HER with EVERYTHING important!!! She is worth it I promise!!!! I have and will continue to refer Tamara without any reservations!!!

JUST HIRE HER!!!!! #TheBestRealtorEver

– Terry Wudrich